Together we develop your riding and bring you quickly to a higher level!

As a snowboard instructor, I travel a lot on the slopes and see others riding. The level is unfortunately very low when snowboarding. That’s because the beginning of snowboarding is so easy. Within 2 days, everyone rushes down a few turns and thinks now – I can snowboard!

But that’s just the beginning of snowboarding. Just the slides. The Austrian always asks:

“Are you a scratcher or a snowboarder?”

A snowboarder rides on the edge of his board, he carves, he can ride forwards and backwards, he can jump off the board with both legs and land again. He can ride through different terrain with equal ease. It does not fall on ice sheets nor doing fast straight lines.

That’s the long way to becoming a good snowboarder!

I want to get better – but where, who helps me, with whom can I shred?

These are the questions that I often hear, that is probably how many feel.

Since I am a passionate snowboarder and I hope that there are more and more good riders, this is where my field of activity comes from.

You no longer want to register for the ski school and you do not think you will get any new knowledge there. The ski school is for the beginners, “I am almost a professional” so the thought of many.

Here I come into play now. Of course, as an experienced snowboard instructor with about 100 days on the board every year, I can go much further.
Whether you want to learn the first turns quickly and safely, whether you want to carve, switch, do slope style tricks or the first runs in the park. I like to help you and go shredding with you. Not like the teacher but like your shred buddy. Together we develop your riding and bring you quickly to a higher level.

Alone is already very difficult to improve, because you do not see yourself. You could take video recordings and then analyze them and work on changes. But you also have to know yourself what you have to look at and what is right and wrong.
It often lacks expertise.
I know my way around in the ski areas in Zillertal. With me you ride Lines that the “normal” tourist does not find.

What board do I ride best? Is mine good?

Many questions are also about the material. Of course, the market is huge and the offer for the layman barely manageable. Of course you can get down the mountain with every board, but how much fun you have is another thing.
Also, you learn with the right board, with good binding on it, much faster.

The company Nitro Snowboards supports me.
So you can get a test board from the current season, to screw up your level or just try something else.
The boards are always well maintained and waxed fresh.